The harp exhibits a gentle, melodic and relaxing sound that blends beautifully with many different styles of music. Experienced professional harpist Teresa Mango brings the beautiful sound of the harp to the holiday season with her CD “Peace.”

Bring the Christmas spirit into your home with this CD that includes 19 beloved Christmas Songs performed solely on the harp, including the festive favorites “Silent Night, Holy Night”, “Silver Bells” and many more. Each song brings the holidays to life with the pure, peaceful melodies and harmonies of the harp. Each song flows delicately into one another and creates a pleasing atmosphere for holiday parties, gift wrapping, and many more festivities.

Listen to sample tunes from “Peace” and order yours online. For more live and recorded harp music, contact Teresa Mango, Harpist in Berkshire County and the Northeast U.S.

“Peace” is a solo harp recording of music for the Christmas season.

Teresa Mango Harp Music CD - Peace

1. Sing Noel, 15th C. French, Arr. M.H. Cambern (1:51)
2. Christmas Fantasy, On I Saw Three Ships, Arr. B. Paret (1:15)
3. Sweet Little Jesus Boy, Spiritual, Arr. D. Burton (5:20)
4. Silent Night, Holy Night, Franz Gruber, Arr. M. Grandjany (3:52)

Six Noels Pour La Harpe, OP. 32, M. Tournier

5. I (1:05)
6. II (1:28)
7. III (1:28)
8. IV (1:30)
9. V (1:30)
10. VI (1:51)

11. The Christmas Song, Torme/Wells, Arr. R. Pool (4:26)
12. A Virgin Most Blessed, Trad. English, Arr. D. Burton (3:00)
13. A Maiden Was Adoring God the Lord, Trad., Arr. D. Burton (3:00)
14. Sing of Maiden Mary, French, Arr. D. Burton (2:38)
15. O Come, O Come Emanuel, 13th C. Painsong, Arr. M.H. Cambern (2:51)
16. Interlude, from A Ceremony Of Carols, B. Britten (4:01)
17. I Wonder As I Wander, J.J. Niles, Arr. C. Salzedo (3:07)
18. Noel Provencal, OP. 24, M. Grandjany (1:51)
19. Silver Bells, Livingston/Evans, Arr. R. Pool (2:28)

Oh Come, Oh Come Emanuel

Noel Provencal